How to Use Podcasts In Your Business

How to Use Podcasts In Your Business

How to use podcasting

If you run a business in a market that is very competitive, or perhaps run an online business where you are struggling to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then consider podcasting as a great method of getting your message out there for a very low outlay.

Indeed, if you’re in a competitive market you may find that podcasting provides the best overall business promotion solution.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the internet. It’s usually created as a series and made available on a website and/or an online directory like iTunes. A podcast isn’t that much different from a blog post or an autoresponder series.

The only real difference is that instead of reading the content, your audience will hear it. Podcasts can also be video posts which adds a visual element to the conversation.

Why Podcast?

Video is huge and more and more people are consuming their content in the form of audio and video. They can listen while they work, drive, or walk about town.

The information is easily accessible from their mobile devices and it provides a quick way to learn on the go.

Podcasts are more readily shared as well, which means you can grow your audience quickly. Additionally, podcasting may be a much faster way to reach a huge audience.

You don’t have to compete with thousands of other websites and blogs online. It’s not uncommon to reach the top of the search results when you have a podcast.

Research and Planning

Creating a competitive podcast is much like creating a competitive blog. You want to research what information is already out there and available for your prospective listeners.

You want to research keywords. Then you want to plan your podcast. What information will you provide your listeners? How often will you podcast?

Also, consider the goal of your podcast. You might use it to drive traffic to your blog or to sell your products or services. Outline your goals and how you’ll use each podcast to achieve that goal.

Remember, information is what will keep your listeners coming back for more. Keep promotions to a minimum. Finally, decide if you’re going to monetize your podcast and how you might want to do that – what monetization model makes the most sense for you, your audience, and your goals.

Start Creating and Recording

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to create a podcast. You may be able to record your podcast on your cell phone! The important thing to remember is to make sure you are easily heard and understood.

Consider writing your podcast down and reading it aloud a few times before you record it. This way you won’t sound like you’re reading a script.


ITunes is one of the easiest ways to begin distributing your podcast. You can also include a link to each podcast on your blog. There are also other podcasting directories to consider.

When you’re adding your podcast to the directory, be sure to include your keywords. Make your content easy to find!

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