Take Pictures of Your Local Area

Take Pictures of Your Local Area

There is a man in Hawaii that stands on a main street with seven colorful and bright parrots on his arms and shoulders. As tourists pass, he offers to take their picture with the parrots on them for $15.

In just one hour of four photos, he makes $60! He uses a Polaroid© for the pictures, you could also use a digital camera with a portable printer. You could do this too with any type of tame exotic animal or animals.

If you are living in an area that is frequented by tourists, take advantage of it by offering pictures just like this man does. Let’s face it, he is making good money very easily.

What an industrious and creative man he is. He probably loves his pet birds very much and is able to make money with them and enjoy them all day long. Of course, exotic birds in Hawaii just seem to go together well. Nevertheless, you might be able to do something very similar.

Most people are attracted to exotic birds and are especially excited when they are able to interact with them, without fear of being hurt by them. Of course, they will want a picture with them too!

This is what tourism is all about! As long as your pictures are not too expensive they will be happy to pay you for a picture, they can take home and share with friends and family.

This is why a Polaroid© type of camera, or portable digital camera and printer, is such a good idea for this business idea.

Remember that if you decide to do something similar to this idea, make sure that what ever you decide is absolutely safe for the tourists. If not, you could find yourself involved in a lawsuit, which is no fun at all. It could end your new career very quickly.

If you are not in a typical tourist area, you could offer something like this at local fairs, farmers markets, and even local shopping malls. Just make sure that you pay the needed fee’s to be a participant within them when it is required.

There are many types of animals and reptiles you could use in offering this business idea to interested people passing by you; why not try with (safe) exotic pigs, snakes, horses, or lizards?

(If it is a pet you enjoy working with and are able to hand-train, it can be trained to be handled by strangers.) If you are in areas where wolves are a constant feature, maybe you could use tame wolves that are family pets, or llamas, or camels, the list can go on forever.

You can use just about anything that most people don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with where they live. They don’t necessarily need to hold the animals, but just be near them for a picture.

Make sure that you get all of the required licenses to do this if they are required. In some areas of the world, it is also illegal to raise certain animals too, so make sure that you’re not choosing to use an animal that is outlawed in your area, without the proper licensing as a trainer.

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